We believe that minimising down time, coping with limitations and maintaining strict safety procedures are our top priority.,,

Mr Selvarajah S/O Nadaison Marimuthu

Mr. Selvarajah S/O Nadaison Marimuthu founder of Swift Logistics & Heavy Vehicles Pte Ltd set up the company in March 2007. With more than 40 years of experience in lifting vessels, columns, exchangers, furnaces and reactors in the Oil and Gas Industry, he started off in the 1970s where he was heavily involved in the construction of the power plant in Kalimantan, at a time where lifting engineers were non-existent.

In the 1980s he was hired by Shell as a lifting specialist, where he was involved in the construction of plants within Pulau Bukom such as CSU (Condensate Splitter Unit), Long-Residue Catalytic Cracking Unit (LRCCU), Hydrocracker and HDS4 (Hydro De-Sulphurizer).

His expertise lies in lifting heavy equipment and has worked closely with mobile cranes and crawler cranes for heavy lifting of refinery equipment, including the erection of crawler cranes for special projects by Shell in Pulau Bukom.




My aim is to bring the company to greater heights by delivering goods and services that surpass our clients’ expectations, while maintaining the safety and welfare of my workers and stakeholders..,,

Mr Ashiq Tamil Selvan
General Manager

Mr Ashiq Tamil Selvan, S/O Mr Selvarajah and successor of Swift Logistics and Heavy Vehicles Pte Ltd joined the company in late 2007 and started working as a rigger and draftsman. In 2009, he was promoted to site manager to oversee all operations in Bukom.

In 2011, with the progression of the business into Jurong Island and various parts of Singapore, he began to take on more responsibilities and assumed the role of General Manager. He has also been hired as a consultant for lifting works for various Shell turnarounds. Under his care, the company has grown significantly in the number of services offered, maintaining the quality and safety of the work they do.