Detailed Autocad Drawings
Our detailed Autocad Drawings for Mobile Crane Lifting of Heavy Equipment, indicates the location for mobile crane parking and the slew of cranes and loads.

Detailed Load Calculations
Our detailed load calculations show the load bearing capacity of the ground, the load pressure exerted on the ground by a crane with a load, the safety factor of the load and the safety factor of the ground bearing pressure.

Detailed Site Survey
Our survey team goes down to site to do ground measurements for a crane to park, by measuring the maximum lifting radius, load location, any obstructions, the proximity to live lines as well as the accessibility for cranes and trailers.

Provision of Full Time Safety Coordinator
We check on all safety documents, Method Statements, Risk Assessment forms and Permit to Work systems for all jobs and ensure that workers comply to in-house rules while they are on-site. General safety briefings are conducted for all workers in the morning as well as on-site safety briefings for workers before undertaking any critical jobs. We also recommend appropriate safety trainings if necessary and compiling safety observations and incident reports.

Inspection of all Lifting Equipments, Lifting Gears & Trolley Beams
Safe and successful lifting operations depend on the continued safety of the lifting equipment and accessories used. Therefore, inspection is necessary to verify that these equipments can be used safely. However, failure to do so can result in significant or even fatal injuries. In addition to this, the Workplace Safety & Health Act (WSHA) places specific obligations on those providing, controlling and using lifting equipment in order to properly manage these risks. It is also a requirement under Part III, Section 20 & 21 of the Workplace Safety and Health (General Provisions) Regulations.

At SWIFT, our Professional Engineers carry out inspections, do load testing and certify lifting equipment such as mobile cranes, crawler cranes, lifting gears, lifting appliances and machines all across Singapore. We also maintain all records for our clients for future references.

Lifting Equipment Inspection comprises of

  1. Conducts inspections on all lifting gears and appliances in accordance to MOM regulations.
  2. Conducts surveys of lifting gears to see if inspection is required.
  3. Advises clients on whether they need to invest in new lifting gears.
  4. Assists in the procurement of lifting gears.
  5. Provides maintenance services of lifting gears if requested.



Inspection of Safety Harnesses by Approved Safety Harness Inspectors
Fall protection equipment inspection is an important criterion in fall protection systems. The full body harness, fall arrestors and lifeline rope grabs are to be examined by a competent person (a person with professional or technical training and knowledge, actual experience and authority to carry out the required inspection) annually. First, it is a requirement under Part II Section 12 of the Workplace Safety and Health (Work at Heights) Regulations. Secondly, textiles deteriorate slowly with age regardless of their usage. Manufacturers recommend a lifespan or an obsolescence date for these equipments. Even with proper care, the fall protection equipment may experience cuts, frays, discoloration and heat glazing.

At SWIFT, we have competent personnel to carry out periodic inspections whereby fall protection equipments are checked meticulously and systematically to ensure that they are safe to use. As we are certified by an approved training provider in Singapore, we have inspected various types and brands of fall protection equipment and certified them. Records of inspection are also maintained for future references.