• Lifting Services

    Safe and successful lifting operations depend on the continued safety of the lifting equipment and accessories used. Therefore, inspection is necessary to verify that these equipments can be used safely. However failure to do so can result in significant or even fatal inquiries. In addition to this, the Workplace Safety & Health Act (WSHA) places specific obligations on those providing, controlling and using lifting equipment in order to properly manage these risks. It is also a requirement under Part III, Section 20 & 21 of the Workplace Safety and Health (General Provisions) Regulations.

    At SWIFT, our Professional Engineers carry out inspections, do load testing and certify lifting equipment such as mobile cranes, crawler cranes, lifting gears, lifting appliances and machines all across Singapore. We also maintain all records for our clients for future references.

  • Consultancy Services with regards to Shutdown Coordination for Cranes and Lifting works
    Turnarounds (TA) are an important process in the Oil & Gas industry. During this period the entire plant is shutdown for cleaning, inspection and maintenance. The TA is run on a tight schedule to minimise plant downtime ensuring that the plant can be operationally ready as soon as possible. Depending on the conplexity and duration of the TA, various cranes are used to remove and install equipment.
    At SWIFT, our coordinators ensure that the cranes are suitable for their specific jobs and ensure that they are deployed smoothly according to daily requirements by the respective engineers. Our coordinators also ensure that the cranes are working safely and that the cranes’ Safe Working Load Capacity is not breached during any lifting job.
  • Professional Consultancy services for Accident Investigations and Job planning
    At Swift Logistics & Heavy Vehicles Pte Ltd, we view safety as one of our top priorities at all our job sites and have established protocols and procedures to be followed to minimize occurrence of incidents at jobsites and actions to be taken in the event of an incident. Every worksite strives to achieve zero incidents during the course of their projects but unfortunately, accidents still occur. When an accident occurs, our highly skilled and trained Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Coordinators are apt in conducting thorough investigations, recommending specific actions to prevent recurrence and implementing these actions.
    “A well-planned job is a safe job”. As job planning is critical, our staff at SWIFT work closely with our clients to understand each job, regardless of its complexity. Our pre-job planning includes, site visits, AutoCAD drawings, crane selection and advice on whether additional equipment is required. By interacting closely and building long-term relationships with our clients, we are able to merge our experience and the client’s technical knowledge to execute our jobs professionally, efficiently and safely.
  • Haulage Services
    At Swift Logistics & Heavy Vehicles Pte Ltd, we understand that in an industry which demands the movement of heavy loads from one location to another within a spedified period of time, it is imperative to have the right expertise to ensure proper handling and transportation of the load safely to its destination. Our pool of highly experienced and qualified ground crew, are able to provide comprehensive heavy haulage services and the expertise needed to ensure that heavy loads reach their desired destination safely within the stipulated timing.



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